Tracy Quinton

Founder & Strategist, Quinton Group and iLearnOnQ™


For more than 30 years, Tracy Quinton has been helping individuals work better together and companies be more profitable. With her guidance; leaders and employees realize that the key to high performance is trust, transparency, commitment and collaboration. She provides the insights, tools and strategies to break through barriers, have impactful conversations and achieve exceptional results.

Building on her natural curiosity and talent for problem solving, she developed a strategic, results-focused approach to improving collaboration that has transformed companies in a wide variety of fields. Her goal has been to help organizations and their people have better conversations, more effective relationships and ultimately, become more sustainable and an enjoyable place to be. She has had the opportunity to work with thousands of leaders in over 70 countries in academia, government, insurance, banking, military, technology, oil and gas, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Informed by the Neuroscience of conversations, the heart of the Quinton Group process is the ability to ask the questions that need to be asked, and to say the things that need to be said, in a way that everyone can hear and respond. People feel safe to open up and say what is on their mind, in order to move forward. Her fearless and clear-sighted approach helps leaders and teams connect, trust and co-create. Clients often marvel at the fresh perspective and clarity of thought that emerge when they learn how to have effective, impactful conversations.

“This work has stood the test of time and now is the time to share it with even more people. I believe we are all capable of leading extraordinary lives filled with possibility and promise.  It happens one conversation at a time.”


Tracy Quinton